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Today, a forgotten and obscure science is re-awakening in the 21st century. The age-old practice of CBD infused homeopathics and herbal remedies containing their extracts is making a comeback into mainstream life. Making You Better Brands stands on the cutting edge of the re-awakening with something new for something old, called LameAway. LameAway spray, wash and rub are CBD infused solutions that when delivered topically, bring pain relief and healing properties to our pets and animals. LameAway - yet another way to employ the miracle of CBD's and change the quality of life for our pets and animals.

Our Products

The Spray

The LameAway spray is a propriatary blend infused with

The Wash

The LameAway Horse Wash is our Premier Product. It contains a special blend of essential oils and amino acids, infused with CBD's.

The Rub

Rub is a CBD infused poultice. Applied topically, the constituents of the mixture are absorbed through the skin and interact with pain receptors in the body and tissues of the animal to produce therapeutic relief without the undesirable psychotropic side effects.

The Complete Package

The complete package

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